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Interlace Skil Assessment

The purpose of an Australian skills assessment is to identify the migrant’s skills and assess them against the Australian standard. Australia’s immigration department wants English speaking skilled migrants. The skills assessment is a mandatory part of the visa process however some visa types have some exceptions for skills assessment. 


Who does your skills assessment?

Skills assessments are issued by relevant skills assessing authorities. A skills assessing authority is an organization that checks that your skills meet the standards they set to work in a relevant occupation.The combined list of eligible skilled occupations sets out all relevant occupations under 4 occupation lists. Most occupations in each list have their own skills assessing authority. Australian Immigration only accepts a skills assessment issued by the relevant assessing authority.

Who is responsible for the skills assessment?

It is your responsibility to contact the relevant assessing authority for your occupation and obtain a skills assessment if required. Each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes, and charges. There are some MIgration Agents like ourselves( Interlace Studies) that can assist you in your skills assessment. 

Why do skills assessments?

Skills assessment is a process of evaluating your skills and educational level against Australian Standards. If you are planning to apply for PR/PR leading visa pathways in Australia then most of the EOI application starts with your skills assessment. Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for some visa subclasses (and streams) and may be requested for others. You should read all of the available information about the visa you are interested in applying for. This will allow you to determine if you need to submit a skills assessment and when you need to obtain it.

Will my skills assessment expire?

Yes, in general, your skills assessment can expire after some time as per each assessing authority’s guidelines. A positive full skills assessment outcome is usually valid for three years from its issue date. Once your skills assessment outcome letter has expired, it cannot be renewed. You will need to submit a new skills assessment application through the Online Application Portal by logging into your Dashboard.

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