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Skilled Migration Visa

Skilled Migration Visa in Australia

Australia is a very popular destination for experienced migrants. The SkillSelect program is for anyone who wants to apply for a qualified migration visa to live and work in Australia. Under the Skillselect program, applicants for qualified staff can obtain a permanent visa to Australia; use their qualifications, work experience and language skills to meet Australian immigration requirements. The system is similar to an online desktop and connects employers with potential employees. The General Skilled Migration (Skillselect) program replaced all other Australian visas for skilled workers in 2012-2013. Applicants must meet a minimum of 65 points from the overall General Skilled Migration (Skillselect) tables so as to be considered.

Overall, the Skilled Immigrant Visa is a Points-Based Skills Visa, designed to attract and create opportunities for highly skilled workers, thus making a significant contribution to filling the gaps that Australia is lacking in its workforce. This visa allows people to obtain permanent residency by assessing their qualifications, previous work experience in specified occupations, language skills, etc. There are three main types of points-based skill migration:

Skilled Independent Visas (Subclass 189)

This visa allows applicants with the skills to stay and work permanently anywhere in Australia. The basic criteria required that the applicant be a guest must be under 45 years of age and do not require a sponsor or a nominator. So applicants must have an occupation on the list of eligible occupations and have their skills assessed for the proposed occupation.

Skilled Nominated Visas (Subclass 190)

This visa allows a Nominated Skilled Worker to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident, however, the applicant must be sponsored by an Australian state or territory to be an eligible condition. Similarly, the basic criteria of this visa are similar to those of the subclass 189 visa.

Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 491) (Provisional)

This is a temporary visa for qualified individuals who want to live and work in regional Australia and are designated by a state or territory government. It allows you to remain in Australia for five years, live, work and study in designated areas of Australia and jaunt to and from Australia indefinitely until the visa is valid.

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